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Ability for modules etc to register new appenders


It is currently possible to write a module that contains a new LogBox appender however, the pat to the appender is not easily determined nor short. Devise a way where LogBox can easily access appenders loaded via a module or some other means. Examples of where this would be useful would be moving the ColdBox debugger's appender to a module or putting a CFCouchbase appender in a module.

Possible options:

  1. Allow LogBox to pre-register appenders under a "short name". The LogBox config could only refer to the short name for easy configuration.

  2. Allow an array of appender convention locations pre-populated with the "appenders" directory. LogBox would check the appender conventions for a relative path to the appender before defaulting to the full path. Conifig would potentially the same as above but simply referencing a partial component path inside of an appender convention location.

  3. Allow appender config to reference a WireBox mapping ID. In this instance, the module would register the appender with WireBox and LogBox would ask WireBox for it. This obviously would only work when ColdBox-linked.

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Luis Majano


Brad Wood