Slight Performance regression, 11ms per suite, between 4.1.0 and 4.2.0


I'm looking into upgrading the Lucee build to use a newer version of TestBox, it's currently stuck on 2.2.0

Whilst improving the output of the build process for Lucee, I added in tracking of the overhead between test runs

It seems that with 4.2.0, TestBox added a 11ms overhead per test bundle, compared to 4.1.0, 15ms since 2.2.0. I understand that more features adds overhead, but performance is always a challenge!

With Lucee, the total test time is 160s with v4.3.0 vs 147s with v2.2.0, i.e. it's 13s slower per build

2.2.0 was 44ms, 4.3.0 is 59ms, which adds up with more tests

I'm trying to save CO2!

here are the changes


Brad Wood


Zac Spitzer


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