Navigation Improvements for HTMLRunner


When navigating to your tests via browser (/tests) and running them individually, the tests are launched in a new tab. This creates some navigation issues that I think could be improved.

  1. Since each suite runs in a new tab, I often find that I have several tabs of tests in my browser open at a time. The tabs are not easily identifiable, as the HTML title for each is “Pass: n Fail: n Errors: n”, so I have to click through until I find the test suite I’m looking for.

  2. Running in a new tab means the browser’s back button doesn’t work as some may expect. Often I forget that I’m in a isolated tab, try clicking back, and nothing happens.

This just creates a development experience where I’m fighting with multiple tabs (opening/closing) that are not labeled, and the only way to navigate back up the folder tree is to go back to the original TestBox Browser tab.

I think opening tests in the same tab as the TestBox Browser, placing the file name at the beginning of the HTML title, as well as providing a one-click link to navigate back up from the test you are in would greatly simply things and make for a better experience overall when using the HTML runner.


Luis Majano


Grant Copley