Simple Reporter doesn't show the Test that fails but the assertion in the origin


At the moment, when all my tests fail, I just see it all happened in Assertion.cfc line 20

But the actual origin is acually number 4 in the stack trace that I have to expand each time.

I have cobbled a solution but wondering if this is a regression bug (as I am sure it didn't do that in the past)


Peter Williamson
July 10, 2020, 6:08 AM

I’m getting a similar issue but for an error in the CFC that’s being tested.

The element at position 1 cannot be found... ./specs/VehicleTest.cfc:123)

It’s the correct error message but the stack trace doesn’t show me the actual line of code that’s failing.

The element at position 1 cannot be found... ./channel.cfc: line 216

June 11, 2020, 4:32 PM

I’m seeing something Brad thought might be related, and he requested I add a comment here in case it helps.

We have MXUnit style tests that we’re starting to run under TestBox w/ the compat mode. In MXUnit the exception happening in the SUT would show the full stack trace, including both the line in the unit test that called the SUT, and the line in the SUT that the exception is actually happening on. When we run it with TestBox, the stack trace ends with the line in the unit test that calls the SUT (though it is reporting the exception message correctly still). I see the line in the unit test reported both where it reports the line below the error, as well as in the actual stack trace itself when I click the + on the right to expand the details (HTML test runner). The box.json file in the testbox directory lists the version as “3.0.0-snapshot”. I’m running ACF2018 update 8.

If this is an unrelated issue, it can be added as a separate Jira issue.

Luis Majano
June 2, 2020, 1:35 PM

Thanks mi amigo There was a way to do this previously, but it was inconsistent and started hiding origins. I reverted it and show the full trace and context until we can experiment with an alternative approach. So I am all ears for a new approach on this. Please send it over!


Luis Majano


Mark Drew