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Change update behavior of GIT and URL endpoints to use semver in path if present


Currently, the Git endpoint, HTTP endpoint, and the like have a very simple `getUpdate()` check where, if the URL has an (apparent) semver in it, the check always returns false; e.g. in the Git endpoint:

1 // Repo URLs with a semver in the name are considered to not have an update since we assume they are an exact version

It would be more convenient, for me at least, if the semver in the path (with git this would likely be a tag) was compared with the reported version from the box.json file in the installed directory. It would make it possible for an `update` command to work with such endpoints. There might be good reasons why this is not a good idea, and not the current behavior, so I am happy to be enlightened.



John Berquist


John Berquist



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