New feature to try and "upgrade" an existing server


For servers using a custom server home directory, CommandBox will refuse to start a different version of their CF Engine until they explicitly forget the previous one. This is mostly for safety since there isn't a good way to externally upgrade a server without potentially breaking it.

Look at an experimental feature to try and upgrade a CF engine by copying the new engine over the old one. This would involve detecting the type of CF engine and overwriting some files such as jars but leaving other files such as configs or license files. I don't really even know if this is possible to do in a predicable manner that doesn't bork an install, but if we can make it work it could be a nice feature for people who don't like having tons of server homes on their hard drive.

Possible options to do this would be:
A dedicated command

a flag to the start command

or a setting

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Brad Wood