Allow generic override of server start settings via env vars or java sys props


It's very handy in CI environments to use env vars to configure things. Implement a generic approach to allow any server.json setting to be overridden via an env var, java system prop, or CLI env var.

The var must start with the text "box_server_" and will be followed by the name of the setting.

For nested settings inside of a struct or array you can use underscores to represent dots.

On OS's like Windows which allow for any manner of special characters, you can provide any string which would also be valid for the "config set" command. Ex:

When you provide JSON the "append" flag will be set to true when adding the configuration to what's already in CommandBox.

Override env vars will not be written to the server.json file and will be lost when box stops. They will also take precedence and overwrite any explicit server.json settings already set but will NOT override actual parameters to the "server start" command.



Brad Wood


Brad Wood



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