crash on linux


today i was trying to install commandbox 5.2.1+00295 on linux Pop!_OS 20.10, with the following configurations:

opening lucee administrator and going to "application", my server crashes. This is the log:


Brad Wood
7 days ago

The errors in your screenshot are coming from inside of Undertow itself. Both of the two stack traces represent the same issue. The following Java code

is returning null. I have no idea why or what scenario would cause that. This is all deep inside of Undertow and CommandBox doesn’t really touch this. Since you are the only person getting this error, can you do some testing and see if it’s related to your app or your server? Can you reproduce the same error with another app or on another OS?

Ionut Ivan
3 days ago

this strange situation was occurring on my linux development desktop.

The same application with the same configuration/version of lucee / commandbox has always worked on macOS.

A few days ago this error no longer occurs on the linux computer ... it's very strange but for the moment I think I have solved it (I didn't understand how ... )

Ionut Ivan
22 hours ago

this evening I was doing some tests on my local development environment and the problem occurred again.

if it can be useful, these are the logs:

Brad Wood
22 hours ago

That is a completely different error. It’s discussed here in the docs

where there’s a note that you must install libappindicator in order for the GUI features to work. Otherwise, you need to turn off the tray icon as shown here:

Ionut Ivan
21 hours ago

very strange, `libappindicator-dev` was already installed... I will try to disable the try icon and give you some feedback.




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