Allow arbitrary actions for menu items


original runwar issue #140

It would be cool to provide a command line to execute for a menu item. Either a box command option (I'd likely need to provide the full path to the binary to runwar) or any OS command that a user wanted to configure. This could be anything ranging from a git pull on the web root to a grunt build or a cmd box server log --follow (open a console) or calc.exe (why not, right? ).

I think the main question would be how to handle the output of that process, Do we

Ignore any output and simply tell the user when it completes
Find a method of showing the user the output which could be tricky given the underlying Java UI libs in use
Open the command in a terminal window native to that machine. Obviously, the command may not be a terminal command like if you wanted a button that opened calc.exe
Even if we just do a simple implementation of this at the moment, we could tie it up to a process builder and let people get funky with custom menu items to see what they build. I asked for feedback in CFML Slack and I got a lot of interesting ideas people wanted to be able to do such as starting a server with another CF engine and importing CFConfig files. Most of the ideas would require some arbitrary command execution.


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