Resource routing fails on additional routes (does not fall back to :handler/:action)


I tried to use resources on my current project, hoping to standardize conventions for the CRUD portion of the site. The basic resource routing works fine. But if I need to add an additional non-resourceful function, such as "upload", routing fails. I would expect the resourceful router to fall back to :handler/:action if it gets a URL that doesn't conform to one of the 6 standard "resources".

This is not an API, it's a handler/view site. I know that resourceful routing wasn't designed for this situation, but it seems like a good idea to use resourceful routing conventions for all of the basic CRUD functionality and still be able to use :handler/:action for additional functionality. Using dropzone to upload a file, and CRUD resources to deal with the metadata is a good example of this situation in the case of client-side, API-based file management. I would want to keep all of this logic in a single handler but I can't do that with the current resource definitions.

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Luis Majano


John Wilson