Mapped aspects with annotation binding no longer auto-bind


The change a while back to stop processing mappings caused an undocumented regression where an AOP aspect that is mapped, but relies on annotations to auto-bind doesn't work unless you explicitly process the mapping. Obviously, the easy workaround is to add .process() to the mapping, but I have two suggestions that would allow someone to bring back the original behavior a little easier.

  • An app-wide autoProcessModels setting. Currently we added this for modules, but there is no setting for the root app's models.

  • Have the Binder automatically process any AOP aspects that are mapped. Since annotation-based binding is so common, it's really hard for this not to be the default and a single app probably won't have more than a few aspects, so it's not like mapping hundreds of regular models.

This was reported by a user on CFML Slack who ran into the regression while updating their app to the latest version of ColdBox and their AOP aspects stopped binding.


Luis Majano


Brad Wood




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