event.getCurrentModule() is empty when using 'alias'


I have a custom module in a CB5 app in the folder modules_app\foo
We want this custom module to be approachable also via another route, nameley `bar', to be used by a specific group of users, which distinguishes in functionality
In Coldbox 4 we had the line

in Routes.cfm. This worked as expected:

Navigating to https://myapp/foo resulted in my event.getCurrentModule() to be foo.
Navigating to https://myapp/bar resulted in my event.getCurrentModule() to be foo.

In CB5 addModuleRoutes(pattern="/bar",module="foo") results in an error Error importing routes configuration file:

So I have tried to switch to aliases,

Now when I go to https://myapp/foo, my event.getCurrentModule() is foo.
however when I go to https://myapp/bar, my event.getCurrentModule() is empty, where I expect it to be foo.


Luis Majano


JWJ van der Drift