category not logged correctly in async loggers


When logging to a database, the category is not logged, and instead the default appendername is substituted in the category name. When I do the same to a file logger everything is OK.
Only difference: the async property. And in Logger.logmessage() the async stuff is handled different. I think the category is not passed when creating an async LogEvent
sample FILE for performance category name and performanceLog apppender
"INFO","performanceLog","12/09/2020","19:40:39","performance","login.main took 1ms."
sample entry for performance category name and dbPerformanceLog appender

  1. id, severity, category, logdate, appendername, message, extrainfo
    '105c2b5c-72f4-4c7b-9bc2-4070839e37db', 'INFO', 'dbPerformanceLog', '2021-04-21 13:30:48', 'dbPerformanceLog', 'issues.main took 95ms.', ''


Wil de Bruin
April 21, 2021, 2:45 PM

It happens when you define a NAMED category. See my pull for the solution

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Luis Majano


Wil de Bruin