Allow relative paths in cfconfig.json


Certain configurations need to point to something like a DLL file which would be provided outside of the server installation. An example would be the DDL for a C++ CFX tag. Right now, only absolute URLs are allowed in the JSON file but I think any setting that contains a path should be expanded based on the location of the cfconfig.json file.

  • Make a list of all the config settings that are paths. Perhaps this can be specified by metadata

  • If reading config from a JSON file, we'd need to store the folder that the JSON file lives in

  • The paths would be expanded at the point that the config was being written out to a specific engine. Writing config back out to JSON should not modify the paths.

  • Exporting a setting to a JSON file perhaps should auto-convert absolute paths to be relative to the JSON file if the path points to a location "south" of the JSON file.




Brad Wood