Add the ability to add debugger templates to Lucee


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And maybe more of the settings for Lucee (set template, set SQL logging etc etc)

If you could point the way I might be able to implement it.


I just recently added most all the debugging setting I could find for Adobe (paid work for a client). There's a bunch of commented out lines in this file that are some Lucee debugging settings I made note of early on but hadn't implemented:

Here's most of the debugging settings that are already implemented (most are Adobe-centric)

Basically, each missing Lucee debugging setting needs to be checked against that list to see if there is a suitable setting name we can re-use. For any debugging settings that are unique to Lucee, we need to add additional properties into the BaseConfig.cfc for each of them with the proper type and comment that clarifies what they are.

As far as adding a new setting in, there are three places the code needs touched for every setting:

Added as a property to BaseConfig.cfc (linked to above)
Add logic to "read" the setting in the BaseLucee.cfc file
Add logic to "write" the setting in theBaseLucee.cfc file
As an example, here are the 3 bits of code for a random setting:

Global definition of the setting:

Logic for Lucee to read the setting:

Logic for Lucee to write the setting:

Logic for Adobe to read the setting:

Logic for Adobe to write the setting:

It's also worth noting, this all happens in the main cfconfig repo. This repo is only for the CommandBox CLI portion of CFConfig which only includes the code for the commands and CommandBox module but not the core services which are standalone.


Brad Wood
January 28, 2019, 9:58 PM

Note, the debugging templates still need to be supported for Lucee, but today I have added all of the "simple" boolean flags for turning debugging on/off, etc. Since you can have more than one debugging template, it will need to be an array of structs so it's a little more complicated.


Mark Drew


Mark Drew